Inside the Agency: Morgan Spills the Tea About Summer Internships at Idyllic Interactive

In society there is a common misinterpretation of internships: the “coffee-retriever,” “the errand-runner,” the “grunt-laborer,” and the list goes on. This perception of an intern is a view that should be discarded due to its complete inaccuracy (at least in my case). Let’s take a look at the dictionary’s definition of an intern:
“A student or trainee who works, sometimes without pay, at a trade or occupation in order to gain work experience.”
This is the connotation internships should be interpreted with because it is 100 times closer to the truth.

I am a rising sophomore at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville and my major is currently business undeclared (yes, I said currently, you know how college students are). Once I came home to Dallas for the summer in May, the job search was on. I got a job helping my cousin but I was on the prowl for second employment. One day my mom presented me with information about a potential internship with one of her good friends at an advertising firm and this definitely sparked my interest. I had a phone call and was officially presented the offer to intern with Idyllic Interactive with my now, boss. I was informed that I would be working with clients and curating content for their social media, observing meetings, and creating social media videos. With all the information and some advertising vocabulary, foreign to me, I had no idea what to expect.
morgan hudgins
My actual experience has blown my expectations. My bosses, who think of not only as the bosses, but also mentors, have been amazing to work with. As an intern at Idyllic Interactive, I get treated very well: I am provided with my own desk and computer, supplies, snacks, facilities (and even lunch!). My boss is also very understanding of outside engagements like class, traveling, and family. In addition to the wonderful work conditions, I have gained familiarity with many tools I would have had no knowledge about otherwise. I have learned about what content curation entails, working with clients and other agencies, information about learning disabilities, films, and influencer campaigns. Interning has allowed me to attain insight and knowledge about advertising and marketing that I never would have learned in the classroom and provided me with a better understanding of running a business and interacting with clients. I have been exposed to so many things and I am very grateful. I encourage every college student to find an internship because you will not regret it; it’s the best way to better understand what path to pursue after college.

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